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"It may well be that there is no human urge more fundamental than that of making a mark"-

In the words of Chuck Close: "You Just Have to Show Up

"I would like to make something that is real in itself," [Arthur Dove] once wrote, "that does not remind anyone of any other thing, and that does not have to be explained like the letter A, for instance."

“Art is never an end in itself; it is only an instrument for tracing the lines of lives.”

—Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (qtd. in West)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wheeeeee-The First Thrill

Georgie Friedman---Check her out
is my MENTOR!!! Thanks to Hannah Barrett for her unending support and to Laurel Sparks for the suggestion. I will be heading to Boston next week for our first
Will post more after that.

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  1. Excellent! I knew it would come together for you! I wish you nothing but the best in all this, T.

    Definitely keep us posted! :)